VB Utilities

Directory Information

One of the things I have to do where I work is to turn in any files I have changed. I wrote a small app to return the Date and Time of the File, the Size of the File, and the Name of the File, for a given directory, to include any sub-directories.
Source Code: DirectoryInformation.zip
Executable: DirectoryInformation.exe

Auto Run

My primary computer I use at work is a LapTop. I bring this home on occasion and hook it up to my cable modem. I also take it on the road with me for business. The problem I had is that there were different programs in my StartUp directory that I used while in the office, at home, and while on the road. I wrote this app to put in the StartUp directory which enables me to start different groups of programs.
Source Code: AutoRun.zip
Executable: AutoRun.exe

Web Spawn

This is something I came up with while writing something for work. It enables you to highlight something and then hit a specified keystroke, which will launch a browser and "Spawn" a specified web search with the highlighted data. Since not all programs work the same when it comes to Windows Cut & Paste, I also gave the ability to just "Spawn" a search with something you already Copied. Of course when I showed this to one of my partners, he wanted me to have it do the same thing with an application. . .
Install: WebSpawn1.1.zip


Sometimes I use Net Send for quick messages to other people on my network. The problem is that there is no uniform method of naming computers and some have absolutely no rhyme or reason. So I started wrote this app to keep track of people to computers. But when I showed it to a guy I work with, let's just call him Russ for arguments sake, he went and made me blow it out of proportion. So now you can send it to a group of computers or a single computer. . .
Install: NetSend.zip
Executable: NetSend.exe